• Student Activities

  • Student Activities

    Sports Activities

    Sports are said to boost alertness, disciple, team spirit, mental ability, confidence and concentration of a student. It doesn’t matter what kind of sports the students are playing and whether they are winning or not. Every sport will always inculcate some amazing traits in them. In college, sports play a key role in moulding the students. These give mental relaxation to the students from their hectic schedule. Furthermore, sports develop students into well-balanced individuals.

    Our Institute understands the significance of sports and games for students. That is why we encourage our students to participate in sports regularly. Through sports, students can develop both physically as well as mentally and acquire design thinking. Our Institute is the best degree college in Chitrakoot, Banda that offer holistic development and enhances the employability of students. So, if you wish to advance in your career, then get admission at our Institute right away! Sports are organized in our college every year which includes various recreational competitions, kabaddi, volleyball and cricket etc.

    Student Activities

    National Service Scheme

    A unit of National Service Scheme in the college has been approved by the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Bundelkhand University, Jhansi from the year 2014-15, in which the registration of 100 students is done every year under the general program scheme and out of these 100 students, a total of 50 students are registered under the special camp scheme.

    The students registered under the National Service Scheme, who will ensure his participation in two special camps and working for at least 120 hours under the general program, will be given a certificate of the National Service Scheme by the university. This certificate is valid for admission in any kind of courses (B.Ed etc.) and for providing 20 additional marks for the job. Therefore, this certificate is very beneficial for every student.

    Under this scheme, for registering in the college, it will be mandatory for every student to deposit a total amount of Rs 50.00 only as registration fee. Each student will have to submit two passport size photographs (colour) along with the registration form.

    Student Activities

    Extra Curricular Activities

    The first responsibility of an institution is to remove the stage fear of the students. The students should be able to speak fluently in any big stage without fearing the consequences of their limitations with regard to their oratory skills. It is the basic necessity for the students to speak well. On the other hand, the students should also be taught the importance of writing on their own without making any grammatical errors. After learning the essence of these skills, the college students must be allowed to express themselves without any inhibitions.

    Our Institute also understands the importance of Extra Curricular activities amongst college going students and that is why we conduct the following extra curricular activities for students every year:

    ✍︎ Every year writing and debate competitions are organized in which all the students test themselves on the intellectual level.

    ✍︎ Cultural programs, seminars and meetings are organized from time to time.

    ✍︎ Tree plantation is organized twice a year on a large scale.

    ✍︎ Sanskrit Sambhavshan Kendra has also been opened in the college on behalf of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, so that every Sanskrit loving student/students can be benefitted.