• Student Instructions

  • Instructions

    Campus Discipline

    It is the responsibility of the Proctoral Board to establish discipline in the Campus. In this board there will be a total of 6 members including the Chief Proctor, who will be responsible for establishing discipline and peace in the college. All the students present in the campus have to compulsorily take care of discipline, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against them by the Proctorial Board.

    Identity Card

    On taking admission, all the students will get their identity card made by the Institute. All the students must have to bring 5 ticket size color photographs with them at the time of taking admission.

    • Penalty at the rate of Rs.10 per month will be payable for not making the identity card within one month from the date of admission, and certain disciplinary action can also be taken against you.

    • In case of loss of identity card, second identity card can be obtained only after giving its information in the Proctor's office and depositing the prescribed amount of Rs. 20.00 only.

    • Adequate space is available for vehicle parking in the college and space is earmarked for cycle stand in the college. Students will keep their vehicles at the designated place for parking in the college campus. The student himself/herself will be responsible for his/her own vehicle.